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Use Your Mind and Hypnosis To Help Your Run Strongly

Strong Running: Would your running benefit from feeling like you can run more strongly?

Do you want to learn how to use your mindset to support your training and improve your running performance?

How good would it be to see, hear and feel yourself running strongly and powerfully?

Using this Strong Running hypnosis download can help you to

  •  Increase your running strength and performance
  •  Use your cognitions, self-talk and mental imagery in a goal directed way
  •  Use hypnosis and your mindset to maximise training effectiveness
  •  Feel more confident as you positively influence your running strength improvement
  •  Develop your capability to run strongly in training and competition 

This hypnosis download is based upon the research that hypnosis and cognitive strategies can help you to enhance your strength. By using this hypnosis download, in conjunction with your training, you can positively influence your strength improvement.

Hypnosis For Sports Performance

There’s a growing body of evidence that shows the benefits of using hypnosis to improve your sports performance. By making use of hypnosis and other cognitive strategies, you can overcome anxiety, increase confidence and self-belief, take control over that voice in your head, boost motivation move on from past setbacks and a wealth of other potential benefits. It can help you enjoy your training and competing more, and improve your performance.

In their 2016 research, Milling and Randazzo (Enhancing Sports Performance With Hypnosis: An Ode For Tiger Woods’), carried out a review of sports hypnosis. They presented a comprehensive and methodological review of controlled and singe case design studies of the effectiveness of hypnosis for enhancing sports performance.

They describe some of the common psychological interventions used to enhance sports performance, such as visualization (mental rehearsal), modifying and directing your self-talk during training and competition, arousal regulation (e.g. decreasing anxiety) and goal setting around improved performance.
All of these approaches and interventions can certainly be beneficial for improving sports performance and for removing obstacles that could impinge upon performing well. I’ve successfully made use of these types of techniques in my own running, from 5l all the way up to ultramarathons. They are also the kinds to things I help my clients with, whether they want to complete their first race, improve their training performance, run longer and further or achieve a specific running goal.
Given the importance of your mindset, self-belief, confidence and expectation, these results show the benefit of incorporating hypnosis into your psychological training and approach if you want to get the most out of your running.

Hypnosis To Increase Muscular Strength

There is some promising research about the potential for hypnosis to help you to increase your muscular strength

Filho (2018) investigated the effects of hypnosis on the absolute strength of men trained in resistance training through the one repetition maximum (1RM) test (which is used to determine maximum dynamic strength). The results in the test were significantly higher when it was performed after hypnosis (compared to when the test was performed without hypnosis).

We also have research about the effect of other cognitive strategies, such as imagery, self-talk and goal setting on strength performance. Tod (2015), reviewed the evidence for the extent to which cognitive strategies influence strength performance. Globally, the results indicated that cognitive strategies enhance the display of muscular strength. These results were based on research testing different types of cognitive strategies across the various dimensions of strength: maximal strength, strength/endurance, and power.

We also have evidence for the benefits of using mental imagery for increasing muscular strength. Slimani (2016), found that the combination of mental imagery and physical practice is more efficient than, or at least comparable to, physical execution with respect to strength performance. As the study authors point out, training programs could be adapted to include mental imagery in addition to physical practice, which may reduce the likelihood of overuse injuries, physiological stress and over-training, while still proving sufficient to stimulate strength increases.

This hypnosis download seeks to  build upon these findings about hypnosis, mental imagery and other cognitive strategies to help you to run strongly and to improve your running performance. .

Strong Running Hypnosis

This hypnosis download will allow you to use your mindset, thoughts and feelings to run strongly in training and races.. Using this hypnosis download, in conjunction with your training, can help you to positively influence your running performance.

By listening to this Strong Running Hypnosis Download Audio you will:

  •  Increase your running strength and performance
  •  Use your cognitions, self-talk and mental imagery in a goal directed way
  •  Use hypnosis and your mindset to maximise training effectiveness
  •  Feel more confident as you positively influence your running strength improvement
  •  Develop your capability to run strongly in training and competition 

You can get your copy today and enjoy instant access to this awesome hypnosis download. If you do really want to run strongly then do get your copy of this Strong Running hypnosis download right now.

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