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Getting The Best Results 

This page contains important information about how to derive the greatest benefit from your hypnosis downloads.

Invest In Yourself With Confidence

  • I’ve helped hundreds of people with these hypnosis downloads.
  • And I’ve helped thousands of people to benefit with my one-to-one therapy.
  • You can read hypnosis download reviews here and visit my hypnotherapy site to read dozens more positive client reviews from people I’ve worked with.
  • Over a decade of experience has gone into developing these hypnosis downloads for you.
  • All hypnosis downloads are recorded in a professional recording studio to ensure the very best quality.
  • Hypnosis downloads are instant downloads to start helping you feel better from now.
  • It really matters to me that you benefit and achieve positive results. 

Delivery: Instant Download

Following purchase, your hypnosis downloads will be available for you to download and save immediately from the website page you are automatically redirected to. You will also be sent the download links using the email address you have provided. If you do encounter any issues with accessing your hypnosis downloads do get in touch and I’ll do all I can to help you. 

Listening To Your Downloads

Before starting with the hypnosis download session, I recommend taking a couple of deep breaths and allowing yourself to get settled. You want to adjust yourself so that you are comfortable and ensure that you are in a safe place to enter hypnosis. Please do not listen to hypnosis downloads whilst driving, operating machinery or in any other environment where it would not be advised to close your eyes.

You don’t have to be perfectly still throughout the hypnosis yet the more still you are, the more you will find yourself feeling and being mentally calm and physically calm and focused, so experiment with stillness as much as you find it comfortable to do so as you engage with the audio content.

For the best results, you should aim to listen to your download frequently and consistently, ideally at least once a day for the first few weeks.

About Hypnosis

Despite its frequent portrayal as something out of the ordinary, passive, magical or being some sort of ‘altered state of consciousness’, hypnosis is in fact something even better than this.

Based upon scientific research, we can adopt a more cognitive behavioural conceptualisation of hypnosis which is much to our advantage in terms of achieving results as it is something we are all capable of achieving and, even better, developing and improving upon.

Hypnosis is about making use of our existing psychological processes such as our imagination, our beliefs, our thoughts, ideas and cognitions, our expectations and the depth of our engagement with the hypnosis.

By being motivated, trusting in your capability to achieve results using hypnosis, and adopting a positive mind-set towards hypnosis, you can actively participate in your own success. 

Whilst mentally engaging with the hypnosis downloads, actively engage your imagination to the best of your ability, and in a way that you find convincing.  Although your mind may wander during the hypnosis, the more you gently return to your attention to your download and absorb yourself in it, the greater the likely benefit you will derive. 

The more you adopt this positive and favourable mind-set, the more I think you’ll enjoy the results you create for yourself in your day to day life.

 Thank you for taking the time to read this and for investing in the audios available here. These hypnosis downloads are the very same techniques and processes that I use daily with my face to face clients with great success.

I wish you every success in achieving the goals and outcomes that brought you here to my website. 

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