About Hypnotherapist Dan Regan

Dan ReganHello and welcome to my hypnosis download pages. This is the home for all of my products and hypnosis downloads.

As a full time hypnotherapist and coach with over a decade of experience, I’ve helped thousands of people to find relief from anxiety, stress and worry and to develop a robust sense of self-confidence and self-esteem. 

It’s my goal and driving purpose to help as many of you as I can to overcome your issues and problems and to achieve your goals. Having battled with anxiety and low self-esteem myself, I know what a difference it amkes when you find the right help and support. That’s why I created these audios, so that you too can benefit in the same way that my face to face clients have.

Anxiety, stress and self-doubt don’t have to rule your life – I know because I’ve been there myself and it isn’t pleasant and it isn’t easy to find a way out of it on your own. Yet I know you have the capability to achieve your goals and improve your life in ways that will bring your positive results.

During my career as a hypnotherapist I’ve been fortunate to win hypnotherapist awards. I’ve appeared in many regional and national publications including The Daily Mail, Hello, Take A Break, the Huffington Post, BBC radio and many other publications. I’ve been published in a professional book called ‘The Hypnotherapy Experts’ and I’ve been fortunate enough to receive many, many dozens of positive video and written reviews from happy clients.  

When I’m not helping people feel better, you will probably find me being active out training for a marathon or throwing around tyres at bootcamp, or spending as much time as I can with my two favourite people in the world, my two young daughters. 

To learn more about me and my hypnotherapy, as well as discovering what clients have said after working with me, just head over to the my client hypnotherapy website by clicking on this link: Dan Regan Hypnotherapy. Over on those pages you’ll find all my hypnotherapy and mental health articles, tips, videos and reviews.

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