Anxiety No More Hypnosis – Your Anxiety Freedom Toolkit

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Anxiety No More Hypnosis: Anxiety Relief & Self-Confidence Bundle

If you’ve been struggling with anxiety, you’re about to discover what to do about it…

Are you fed up and exhausted from battling with all your anxious thoughts and feelings?

Do you find you just can’t switch off or that even if you can manage to distract yourself for a while, all that anxiety keeps coming back again and again?

Would you like to have a tool that can help you melt your anxiety and help you learn how to feel calmer, more confident and more in control?


Hi, I’m Dan Regan and over recent years, I’ve helped thousands of individuals to abolish their unwanted anxiety and happily get on with their lives.

You may have seen me in anxiety articles in such publications as Daily Mail, Hello, Take A Break and the Huffington Post, as well in others such as the Cambridge News and Ely Standard.

You may have read the hundreds of testimonials on my website or watched one of the dozens of video testimonials that other people have proudly talked about how I’ve helped them feel better.

I’ve also been crowned Hypnotherapist of the Year, been published as the anxiety Hypnotherapy Expert and been described by a Sky 1 presenter as ‘probably the best anxiety hypnotherapist in the UK’.

What matters most to me right now though, is how I can help you axe your anxiety today.

As an expert in overcoming anxiety and panic, I have developed a product that will give you 3 audio downloads and a forty page e-book to help release anxious thoughts and feelings and boost your confidence so you can kick unwanted anxiety out of your life.


Anxiety No More Hypnosis – Your Anxiety Freedom Toolkit

In your 40 page manual ‘Anxiety No More Manual’


  • The most effective tools so you can switch off any anxiety you may be feeling where ever you are
  • Putting you back in control of how you feel now AND in the future
  • Working with the powerful audios to help you leave behind your anxious thoughts and feelings and embed feeling calm, confident and in control
On Audio 1: Understanding Anxiety


  • Help to understand why you feel anxious and what all those thoughts and feelings are really all about.
  • Understand why you haven’t been able to shift the anxiety up until now#
  • Valuable information to help remove the anxiety and fear about feeling anxious
On Audio 2: Anxiety No More Hypnosis


  • Immediately helping you to abolish any anxiety you may be feeling
  • Programming your mind to leave behind anxious thoughts and feelings
  • Embedding calm control, inner strength and positivity in your life
On Audio 3: Super Charge Your Confidence Hypnosis


  • Building your confidence so that you feel better within and about yourself
  • Enjoying a greater level of self-worth, self-esteem and self-belief that will benefit you in every situation in your life
  • Maximising your self-belief so that you let go of anxiety, worry and dread

Anxiety No More Hypnosis 

I’ve created this toolkit to help you to reduce your anxiety and take back control over your thoughts and feelings. As well as anxiety relief, you will also strengthen your confidence so that you can achieve your goals and feel capable of handling any challenges you face.

You can get your copy of  Anxiety No More Hypnosis today and enjoy instant access to the manual and two powerful hypnosis download for overcoming anxiety and increasing confidence. If you do really do want to feel calm, relaxed, confidence and in control then do get your copy of this Anxiety No More Hypnosis Toolkit right now. It really is a positive and beneficial step forward in feeling better being you.

Anxiety Relief Hypnosis Downloads

16 reviews for Anxiety No More Hypnosis – Your Anxiety Freedom Toolkit

  1. Lorraine R

    Your Anxiety No More book and audios really helped me. I have never been much good at following coping strategies before but yours has really helped me. I am more relaxed than ever and I believe that it is your help and guidance that has helped me to relax and as a result I am pregnant with my 2nd baby.

    Now I am in a really good place mentally I really do think that it is your relaxation techniques and anxiety busters that have helped me to conceive.

  2. Yvonne Walker

    Hi Dan, wanted to say a big thank you. I am using your Anxiety No More toolkit repeatedly to help with my anxiety. It works, I am now doing things that are way out of my comfort zone, like making a short video for my business and actually sharing it he he….

  3. Renate Zeigermann (verified owner)

    Dear Dan
    I just started to use your toolkit. For me it is a great help to understand my problems and I look forward to see you again soon and talk in detail about what I found out. The relaxing kit is just great to get prepared for a good start of the day. Thank you for this great help.

  4. Aurora (verified owner)

    Dear Dan,

    Your Anxiety Toolkit recordings never fail to relax me or give me a much needed boost to my spirits and confidence. It has become an essential part of my life, and the more I listen to them, the more effect they have. I can’t recommend it highly enough, it works wonders!

  5. Miranda Reynolds (verified owner)

    These techniques really do work, I was unsure at first but there is no doubt and it feels so great being so calm, relaxed and confident

  6. Crayon (verified owner)

    There was panic in my household when I somehow lost my downloads! I quickly bought Dan’s Anxiety No More package again. Phew! Dan has helped me so much over the last 6 years, both in person and through his downloads. I need Dan’s voice in my head whenever scans (and more particularly, results) are looming. His accompanying book reminds me of coping techniques, helping me to stay calm when I can’t hear him. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Dan. Xxx

  7. Wayne Bayford (verified owner)

    Very helpful and relaxing

  8. Lou Hartnett

    Dan Regan has been a real life line for me. I’ve used his therapy and downloads in the past and found them to be incredibly beneficial. Hypnotherapy carried out in his own style has worked so well with me that when this Covid crisis began I started to use his podcasts everyday. They turned me from a tearful emotional wreck to being someone who can deal with the situation much calmer and rationally. I don’t know how he does it, he just does. If you are lost in a world of stress and anxiety he will place your feet very firmly “back in the room” Quite simply I can not recommend this kind, witty, considerate man enough.

  9. Joanne O (verified owner)

    2021 what a year , Having this therapy with Dan has changed my life and given me the tools and the skills to cope with all the things that I deal with day to day, caring for oneself and as a carer for my child and now I will start studying for a arts degree in Sept 2021, he has given me the confidence to know I can succeed and through weekly hypnotherapy it has given me more calmness to deal with any stressful things that arise , it has changed me and these free download given with the one to one on zoom with Dan….. it works on zoom too. I can’t thank Dan enough , I felt so relaxed through these downloads too, the morning calm hypnosis will start to do every morning and no anxiety anymore and a great way to connect with mind and body. I have had many counselling sessions and I find this Hypnotherapy works much better with relaxation and the mind body connection.
    The gift vouchers are great too for a friend, a loved one. Thank you Dan for all your patience and care.

  10. Su Hunt (verified owner)

    Found this really useful. Not too long but enough to feel relaxed and re focus. Easy to download and a great help along side my hypnosis sessions in person

  11. Tony (verified owner)

    The toolkit absolutely nailed all the feelings I was experiencing, and although it’s still early days I hope to have a positive outcome

  12. Brandon Forster (verified owner)

    Excellent and really relaxing

  13. Brandon Forster (verified owner)

    Ideal to relax and drift away while listening to this

  14. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

    Great toolkit

  15. Susan Hunt (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing! Was stuck on a plane on the runway for 90 mins before takeoff and my claustrophobia was taking over. Listening to Dan’s voice and the soothing music calmed me so much I was actually able to sleep. Can’t recommend enough

  16. Carole (verified owner)

    Brilliant, the whole package from the introduction to the two complimentary hypnosis tracks. I have been using them both, one in the morning and one in the evening to support me. I have yet to complete reading the written guide but what I have read so far has been very helpful. I would recommend this package to anyone who needs support to overcome their anxiety.

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