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Enjoy spending time in your very own happy place in your mind

Do you have a happy place, a place where you love to go and spend some time?

Your happy place is that place you feel good about and that has lots of positive and uplifting thoughts, feelings and associations for you. It’s a happy, wonderful, uplifting place to experience and spend time in.

Using this hypnosis download will help you to go to your happy place and experience all those good feelings that you get there whenever you wish!

Using this Happy Place hypnosis download can help you to

  •  Enjoy spending time in your favourite place where you love to be
  •  Feel the positive, uplifting thoughts and feelings that you get here
  •  Increase your positive feelings, thoughts and emotions
  •  Get all the good feelings even when you can’t physically go to that place
  •  Enjoy feeling good whenever you wish and as often as you choose


The Joy of Being in My Happy Place

When I lived in Wales, I had a very particular spot on the side of a mountain where I loved to sit and look out. It was a fair hike uphill to reach this special spot. But it was worth it. Tucked down just below the crest of the mountain there was a little sheltered spot where I could sit unseen and protected from the wind.

While I sat here alone and gazed out over the miles of villages and towns, with all their hustle and bustle and business down there, I felt totally calm and at peace. It’s hard to verbalise and describe that feeling of oneness, connection and true inner peace that I experienced when I sat in my happy place. Whatever else may have been going on in my life or in the wider world, here was tranquility and that feeling that all was well. And when the night began to close in, sitting here you could notice the little street lights an house lights start to come to life, and a sort of haze as the day faded away.

And there have been a number of other times and places when I have experienced the joy of being in a happy place. Sometimes just sat on the side of a cliff watching the waves crash into the rocks, or being in the silent heart of a forest or watching and experiencing other sights and sounds of nature.

Many people have told me about their happy place over the years. It’s always unique to that person yet is always associated with feeling happy, positive and uplifted in some way. For me it’s always an outside place, and so it is for many of you, yet it could just as easily be indoors.

What matters is that it is your happy place, a place you enjoy being, and that has happy and positive thoughts, feelings, memories and associations for you.

Sometimes your positive place is local and nearby to you so you can be there easily and as often as you chose. Yet, more often, your happy place is somewhere you can’t always get to that easily. It may be far away or the demands on your time and energy may mean you struggle to find that pocket of time for you to go there and benefit from it. That’s why I created this audio to help you imagine being there, and experiencing all those good feeling, easily and as often as you wish.


Savouring Positive Feelings

By using this hypnosis download and imagining being in your happy place you can create and enjoy happy and positive feelings and thoughts.

In fact, this is very closely related to positive psychology, which supports the use of thoughts and actions to increase the intensity, duration, and appreciation of positive experiences and emotions. As you spend time thinking about being in your happy place you can think about the sights, sounds, thoughts and sensations that you enjoy there. And as you recreate and engage inside of your imagination you can experience all the positive emotions from being there. You will find yourself feeling good!

And feeling happy, positive and good is exactly what this hypnosis download will help you to do.

As you imagine being in your favourite place, you will find yourself letting go of any tension, relaxing and feeling more positive, happy and uplifted.

By listening to this hypnosis download you will:

  •  Relax and enjoy imagining being in your positive place
  •  Experience the positive and happy thoughts and feelings from your place
  •  Wonderfully increase positive thoughts, feelings and emotions
  •  Have the freedom and ability to visit again and again

You can get your copy today and enjoy instant access to this powerful positivity enhancing hypnosis download. Do get your copy of this happiness hypnosis download right now. It really is a positive and beneficial step forward in enjoying being you.

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