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Using nature to reduce anxiety and stress and boost your mental health

Do you enjoy spending time in nature and how it makes you feel better?

Could you do with reducing stress and anxiety and boosting your mental health and well-being?

Do you wish you could become more mentally calm and physically relaxed naturally?

Using this Natural Calmness hypnosis download can help you to

  •  Naturally reduce anxiety and stress and boost your mental health and wellbeing
  •  Enjoy feeling and being more mentally calm and physically relaxed
  •  Utilise the evidence of the mental health benefits of time in nature
  •  Clear your mind and feel more positive
  •  Take an anxiety busting ‘nature pill’ whenever you wish


Using Nature To Reduce Anxiety and Stress

Ah the benefits of nature! Here in the UK it sometimes seems you can go from a bright, sunny day to rain storms and high winds in no time at all.

Nature can throw all sorts of things at us, yet much evidence shows that there are significant benefits for our mental health from spending some time in nature. An increasing body of evidence has demonstrated that spending time in nature can help reduce stress and anxiety, and support mental health and well-being.

Even better, the research also demonstrates that it doesn’t even take that much of your time to achieve these physiological and psychological benefits. As the research demonstrates, we should all be actively seeking to spend a little time in nature to support our mental health.

And whether you want to ease anxiety and stress or you want to boost your mental health and well-being, this hypnosis audio can help you to do just that as you enjoy a ‘nature shot’ of natural calmness.


The Science of Natural Calmness

The scientific evidence and research support the benefits of nature to help you reduce anxiety and stress, and to boost your mental health and well-being.

Hunter, Gillespie and Chen carried out a study that employed long term, repeated measured assessment on the impact of nature experiences upon stress. The research participants were free to choose the time of day, duration and the place of a nature experience in response to personal preference and changing daily schedules.

Whilst spending time in nature has a growing body of evidence supporting the benefits for mental health, this study sought to identify what sort of duration was required to reduce stress and promote mental health.

During the eight week experiment, participants were asked to maintain a regime of three nature experiences a week (each lasting ten minutes or more). They were instructed to do this in the context of the unpredictable opportunity for taking a ‘nature pill’ in their daily lives (i.e. to customize the nature experience in response to the constraints and unpredictability of real life by being in control of the date, time of day and duration). Saliva tests were taken to measure two physiological biomarkers of stress.

The study found that spending time with nature produced significant benefits in reducing stress. Put simply, spending time in nature is likely to have positive impacts on your stress and anxiety levels and for your mental health and well-being.


Time In Nature And Mental Health

And there is even more evidence supporting the positive impact of nature on your mental health and emotional well-being.

Meredith et al (2020) investigated the ‘dose’ of time in nature that could be prescribed to college-age students as a preventative and supportive mental health and well-being intervention. They found that as little as 10–20 minutes of sitting or walking in a diverse array of natural settings has significant and positive impacts on key psychological and physiological markers, when contrasted with equal durations spent in urbanized settings.

There were statistically significant differences in physiological health markers of stress, such as decreased heart rate, salivary cortisol and blood pressure. And there were significant differences in psychological markers of reduced stress such as lower anxiety, positive affect and self-reported feelings of calm and comfort.

In summary, they found that a dose of as little as 10–20min sitting or walking in an array of green spaces can have a meaningful impact in reducing stress, anger, anxiety, and in increasing vigour, comfort, positive affect, and a sense of feeling refreshed.


Natural Calmness And Your Mental Health

The benefits of time in nature are applicable to all of us. As little as 10-20 minutes of time spent sitting or walking in nature has positive benefits for your mental health that include reduced stress and anxiety and feeling more positive. And not only can you use it as a potential antidote when you are stressed, you should also certainly use time in nature as a preventative measure of stress and to proactively support good mental health.

And that’s exactly what this Natural Calmness Hypnosis Download will help you to do. As you imagine being in a favourite place in nature, you will find yourself letting go of any tension, relaxing and becoming more mentally calm and physically relaxed. Building on the research and evidence, you really can enjoy a ‘nature pill’ whenever you choose.

By listening to this Natural Calmness Audio you will:

  •  Relax and let go of any stress, anxiety and tension
  •  Find your mind and your thinking more clear and focused
  •  Feel refreshed and recharged and ready to get on with things
  •  Become more mentally calm and physically relaxed in an enjoyable way

You can get your copy today and enjoy instant access to this powerful calmness enhancing hypnosis download. If you do really want to reduce stress and anxiety and boost your mental health and we-being then do get your copy of this Natural Calmness hypnosis download right now. It really is a positive and beneficial step forward in enjoying being you.

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