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Mindfulness Hypnosis Download

Mindfulness Hypnosis To Calm the Mind


Combine Mindfulness and Hypnosis to let go of anxiety and worry

Are you struggling with overthinking and a mind that never seems to switch off from thinking and stressing?

Do you wish you could find some calmness and peace to just relax and feel more in control?

Could you benefit from calming your mind, feeling better and reducing your stress and anxiety?

Using this Mindfulness Hypnosis download will help you to:

  •  Switch off mentally and so you can enjoy the here and now
  •  Reduce your stress, anxiety and worry levels
  •  Feel more in control over your mind and your thinking
  •  Clear you mind so you can think clearly and focus on what you want to
  •  Find yourself more mentally calm in your thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions


Mindfulness Hypnosis

Sometimes it can be difficult to switch off and just enjoy the here and now. Your mind might wander over things that have happened in the past and things that may happen in the future as well as all sorts of other things  It can sometimes feel as though your mind is just so full of stuff all the time that there is no space for calmness or for thinking clearly.

Using this mindfulness hypnosis download, which combines the benefits of both mindfulness and hypnosis, will help you to establish a greater focus on calming the mind and being in the present moment, rather than going over things that can’t be changed from the past or anticipating a negative future that may never happen.

You will be able to reduce overthinking and get more mentally calm and refreshed. You can end all the busyness of your mind so you feel more calm and in control in yourself and in your life.


Mindfulness Hypnosis Reduces Stress

There is a growing recognition that mindfulness based interventions can effectively help to deal with depression, anxiety and stress (among many other things).

And we know there is a strong evidence base that hypnosis can help here too so you can feel and be more and more mentally calm and physically relaxed. By combining both mindfulness and hypnosis I’ve created this hypnosis download for you that will help you  find the mental space and calmness that you are looking for.

Olendzki et al (Mindful hypnotherapy to reduce stress and increase mindfulness): investigated the feasibility of mindful hypnotherapy for stress reduction in a randomized trial. The results of the study demonstrated that the mindful hypnotherapy participants recorded large, statistically reliable, and clinically significant improvements in perceived stress, overall mindfulness and psychological flexibility, and psychological distress. As if this wasn’t positive enough already, each of the subscales of distress individually decreased by a significant margin, including depression, hopelessness, anxiety, and anger.

“In conclusion, mindful hypnotherapy shows promise for being an effective intervention for decreasing stress. Given that the results for mindfulness and psychological flexibility were comparable or superior to mindfulness interventions delivered in a nonhypnotic context, this novel intervention shows potential for being a unique and a valuable contribution to stress reduction interventions” (Olendzki et al).


Reduce Stress, Anxiety and Overthinking

The evidence shows that combining mindfulness and hypnosis can help you to reduce your stress. That’s why I often incorporate elements of mindfulness into some of my hypnosis sessions to help people become present and notice the kind of thinking that is running through their mind in order to change it to something more helpful.

Mindfulness hypnosis  can help you to reduce anxiety and stress, so that you are more mentally calm and physically relaxed to engage with psychological processes and make beneficial changes. You can tune into your thinking to help you tackle unhelpful thoughts or overthinking.

When you are mentally calmer, we can access more of our experience, knowledge and learning, we tend to make better decisions and  we have that perspective that allows us to view things in our life as they really are, rather than letting them get distorted by anxiety, stress and other emotions. Having this calmer perspective means you can deal with things in your life in a more calm way, being more calm in your thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions.

Using this Mindfulness Hypnosis download will help you to:

  • Switch off mentally and so you can enjoy the here and now
    Reduce your stress, anxiety and worry levels
    Feel more in control over your mind and your thinking
    Clear you mind so you can think clearly and focus on what you want to
    Find yourself more mentally calm in your thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions

If you are looking to enjoy and benefit from having a calmer mind then I think you are going to love it!

You can get your copy today and enjoy instant access to this powerful hypnosis download. If you do really want to benefit from mindfulness hypnosis to reduce anxiety and stress and to clear your mind, then do get your copy of this mindfulness hypnosis download right now. It really is a positive and beneficial step forward in enjoying being you.


Reference: Olendzki, N., Elkins, G.R., Slonena, E., Hung, J. and Rhodes, J.R., 2020. Mindful hypnotherapy to reduce stress and increase mindfulness: A randomized controlled pilot study. International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, 68(2), pp.151-166.


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2 reviews for Mindfulness Hypnosis

  1. John Dove (verified owner)

    I’ve listened to your Mindfulness Hypnosis download several times.
    It’s good – I think you’ve captured the essence of meditation the mind watching the thoughts coming and going and not really attaching itself to them. You have also included the mindfulness of breathing technique in there which people use doing their meditation watching the breath come in the body flow around and then leaving. Experiencing the breath in various parts with the body.
    You’re recording studio have made a good job of mixing in the backing track as well it seems to me to reach peaks at crucial parts of the hypnosis process. I am very pleased with what you produced.

  2. Aurora (verified owner)

    I always find Dan’s audios very useful. After suffering from weeks of insomnia, a few times listening to this audio was enough to improve my sleeping patterns massively. Thanks, Dan!

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