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Gaining Perspective Hypnosis Download

Could you use a sense of clarity and perspective on some aspects of your life?

Are you struggling to consider things clearly in your mind?

And maybe you are struggling to see ‘the wood for the trees’ because you are too caught up in it all?

Using this Gaining Perspective Hypnosis Download can help you to:

  • Consider aspects of your present in a more detached, rational way
  • Recognise what is truly important and significant – and what doesn’t really matter
  • Focus on things you can control rather than those you cannot
  • Look at the bigger picture of perceived challenges and issues
  • Think more clearly, stop wasting time and energy and take action on your goals 


Gaining Perspective and Clarity in Your Life

It can sometimes be hard to get a sense of perspective and clarity on our own problems can’t it?

Something happens, someone says something or things don’t go as planned and your emotions and thoughts can seem almost obsessed by it. You may feel hurt, angry or upset. You may find yourself overthinking about it and let it dominate your thoughts. You may feel like acting impulsively or just find yourself talking about the same old things over and over.

You can become so emotionally involved in something that you can’t mentally distance yourself enough from it to consider it in a clearer way. All your thoughts, feelings, emotions and concerns create a mash up that leaves you stuck in your mind, and sometimes in your life too.

Sometimes our thoughts and emotions can become very black and white. Something is perfect or rubbish, things are all positive or all negative, they are wrong and I am right and so on.

Among all those thoughts and feelings it is easy to lose track of how significant something actually is. Will it matter in a week? Or a month? Will you even remember it in a year from now?

If this was happening to someone else would you advise them to keep overthinking and stressing about things or would you suggest they let it go and move on?

And, of course, are you focusing on all the things that you can’t do anything about because they are outside your control, or are you taking action on the things that matter than are within your control (like you mindset, attitude and perspective, for example)?

Sometimes you just can’t understand a situation clearly because you are just too involved in it.

The View From Above

This audio has been inspired by the writings of Marcus Aurelius and the principle of Stoicism. And keep in mind that many of the underpinning foundations of modern day Cognitive Behavioural Therapy can be traced back to the Stoics (In fact, elements of Stoicism are as relevant today as they were hundreds of years ago; humans haven’t really changed that much it seems! And some of their psychological techniques are much more powerful and practical than some of the fluff churned out in the self-help market today).

So what we can do is here is draw upon the therapeutic notion of taking a ‘view from above’. This involves viewing things in a more detached manner by distancing ourselves from our day to day issues. By adopting this perspective of viewing things from above we can mentally step out of our current perspective (which we may be too involved in). Instead you can view your life and indeed, all life in its correct perspective. That is, that often in the grand scheme of things, the issues you are facing are just a tiny part of your entire life and an even smaller part when compared to the world and human life as a whole.

Marcus Aurelius makes reference to this in his Meditations:

“Take a view from above – look at the thousands of flocks and herds, the thousands of human ceremonies, every sort of voyage in storm or calm, the range of creation, combination and extinction. Consider too the lives once lived by others long before you, the lives that will be lived after you, the lives lived now among foreign tribes; and how many have never even heard your name, and how many will soon forget it, how many may praise you now but quickly turn to blame. Reflect that neither memory nor fame, nor anything else at all, has any importance worth thinking of.” (Meditations, 9.30).

And, “You can strip away many unnecessary troubles which lie wholly in your own judgement. And you will immediately make large and wide room for yourself by grasping the whole universe in your thought, contemplating the eternity of time, and reflecting on the rapid change of each thing in every part – how brief the gap from birth to dissolution, how vast the gulf of time before your birth, and an equal infinity after your dissolution.” (9.32).

What this hypnosis download is aiming to do is to help you contemplate and recognise that, in the bigger picture of things, the things that you perceive of as problems and issues right now probably don’t matter all that much. Those big things now will soon belong to yesterday as you move on with your life.

Sometimes what we really need is to take some time to consider how important current things really are. We need to consider the bigger picture and gain a sense of clarity and perspective.

See The Bigger Picture and Gain Clarity

This Gaining Perspective hypnosis download will help you to gain that sense of clarity and perspective you need. Rather than getting caught up and affected by people, situations and events, you can learn to consider things calmly and with perspective. You can consider things in their rightful place in the grand scheme of things and regain your usual ability to reason well and make good decisions.

From this position of perspective, freedom and clarity, you may think of more helpful perspectives you can adopt or actions you could take that would be beneficial. Or you could just enjoy some time and space to simply contemplate and develop a sense of mental calmness.

This audio can help you to view things with that perspective and clarity and to let go of stuff. Instead you can focus on the things you can control, like your thoughts, feelings and behaviours, that will make a difference to your life.

Using this Gaining Perspective Hypnosis Download can help you to:

  • Consider things in a more detached, rational way
  • Recognise what is important and let go of what doesn’t really matter
  • Focus on things you can control rather than those you cannot
  • Look at the bigger picture of perceived challenges and issues
  • Think more clearly, stop wasting time and energy overthinking and take action on your goals 

Are you ready to gain a renewed sense of clarity and perspective on your life from today?

You can get your copy today and enjoy instant access to this life enhancing Gaining Perspective hypnosis download. If you do really want to develop a robust and powerful sense of clarity and perspective then do get your copy of this Gaining Perspective hypnosis download right now. It really is a positive and beneficial step forward in thinking and feeling better.

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