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Live A Fulfilling Life Free of Regret Hypnosis Download


You only get one shot at living your life, so you want to make it a good one. Rather than risk a life of unfulfillment, you want to take action on your goals and dreams. You want to enjoy life, be truly happy and follow the path that’s right for you. When you reach the end of this journey, you want to be able to look back with happiness and fulfilment, knowing you lived the life you wanted to lead.

Using this Fulfilling Life hypnosis download can help you to

  •  Move forward in your life with true purpose and meaning
  •  Feel happier and more fulfilled from now and into the future
  •  Break free of limiting patterns and live your best life 
  •  Develop the courage, confidence and desire to be true to yourself
  •  Take action to live a fulfilling life and one free of regrets

This hypnosis download will help you to develop the courage, confidence and desire to take positive action in your life. Rather than staying stuck in old habits and patterns, you can recognise and appreciate what you want out of life, the things that bring you meaning and purpose. You can review the path you are on now and take action so that you live a fulfilling life free of regret.


How To Live A Fulfilling Life Free of Regret

We can all have some regrets, things we put up with for too long, the path we didn’t take, the courage we lacked or the other choices along the path of our lives. There can also be many, many positives throughout our lives and things we are glad about or pleased in how we’ve lived and what we’ve stood for up to now.

Even when we forgive ourselves and accept what has happened, that doesn’t mean we can’t benefit from pausing and taking stock of our lives for the future. All too often we get stuck on the busy treadmill of life, moving from one task to another, forgetting the bigger picture and longer term within the mass of responsibilities, tasks and distractions.

Rather than waiting until many years from now, when it may be too late to do anything but regret, you want to know that you’ve lived a life that’s full, that you’ve travelled each and every highway to live a fulfilling life and much more than that, that you did it your way (yes, I’ve ripped a bit off Frank in that last sentence!).


Avoiding The Top 5 Regrets Of The Dying

According to Bronnie Ware, a palliative nurse who cared for people in the last weeks of their life, there are common regrets that people tend to have about how they lived their lives. As people look back, knowing they have only a short time left, many similar themes emerge.

i) I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me

High amongst these is that people wished they’d had the courage to live a life true to themselves, rather than the life others expected of them. Knowing that the opportunity has now passed, those dreams, passions and goals remain unfilled because of choices and decisions made along the way. Now, we all have demands, obligations and responsibilities in our lives, yet that doesn’t mean that we can’t find the time, energy, motivation and commitment to also pursue the things that bring us joy and happiness (and that make our existence worth living).

If you want to live a fulfilling life free of regret then it’s worth taking some time to think about your goals and dreams, to consider what you want from life and what you are doing to make it happen. Then also consider how you currently use your time and energy and what you can change to move things forward and fulfil those dreams. There are many things you can do to increase your confidence, self-esteem and courage, yet it all starts with recognising how you want to live your life and what you need to do now to make it happen.

As for other people’s expectations, sure, most of us want to be liked and appreciated. But remember, if people are going to be critical and judge you negatively, then they are going to do that anyway, whether you are taking action and enjoying life or making choices that leave you unfulfilled. And if someone’s opinion is worth paying attention to, then they will be the sort of person who encourages you, believes in you and wants the best for you. Be wise in who’s opinions and expectations you give weight and regard to. And start to value your own expectations and limited time on Earth more.


ii) I wish I hadn’t worked so hard

We all need to work to pay the bills, to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table. It’s just how it is. Yet there is always a balance point, a trade-off between extra work/income and happiness. We know that, after a certain amount, more money doesn’t really add much to your happiness levels anyway, and nor does just having more stuff.

Even though most of the people I work with should have many, many years of their lives yet, I still often hear regrets from people who wished they’d done more things rather than just work for the next bonus or promotion, or suffer burnout because they worked too hard. And many parents tell me how they regret missing out on their kids growing up or on spending time with them when they were younger, before realising that now their kids are too busy to want to spend as much time with them.

Now, you could just fast forward in your mind to a point near the end of your life and imagine what you’d be thinking as you think back over your life. Maybe you would feel proud to have missed out on a load of living and to think back proudly how at least you worked hard (to be clear, there is nothing wrong with working hard, it’s about the trade off with fulfilment, happiness and regret).

This is true for friendships, relationships and your other goals and dreams, If all your eggs are in the work basket then at some point the regret will hit you and it’ll be too late to do anything about it.


 iii) I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings

All too often we don’t express our feelings for risk of rejection, being judged, causing upset, unwanted consequences and because often (not for everyone) we just aren’t used to having some conversations openly and comfortably. We can bottle things up, hold resentment, experience anxiety and more from not expressing ourselves effectively.

But it is possible to express how you feel calmly and assertively. To have the courage to be open and express how you feel, both the positive and negative. It can be a straightforward conversation without anxiety or anger. If you are struggling with mental health issues, the starting point is having that courage to express things and to seek help. All too often the things inside our head get bigger and more destructive simply from only being inside of our head.

Confidently expressing your feelings can lead to a sense of connection to others, it can lead to problems being acknowledge and perhaps solved, it can create openness and trust, it can lead to positive things because you took the risk and did it. And even if things don’t turn out how you hoped, at least you know and can deal with it and move on, rather than forever wondering ‘what if…’.


iv) I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends

Having a network of supportive friends around you is important for your mental health and well-being. As social creatures, friendships are important. These are the people you can talk to, where you can be yourself, have fun and sometimes get perspective on things.

Technology has made it easier to stay connected and keep in touch. Whether it’s a message, call or spending time together, friendships matter. However, as with much in modern life, the treadmill of existence can eat up our time and energy and impinge on staying in touch. I also think that sometimes, in that business, we take friendships for granted as though that person will always be around. A couple of years ago  a good friend of mine moved away, although we only saw each other occasionally when he was just down the road, we now message and visit and have a better quality friendship as a result of wanting to stay in touch. There is value in investing time and effort in friendships.

People towards the end of their lives often regret not having stayed in touch so learn from their wisdom and make sure it happens.


v) I wish I had let myself be happier

I think we all want to live a happy life don’t we? There seems little point going through our shot of life in a constant state of unhappiness, frustrations and misery.

Perhaps the first thing we all need to accept is that most of the stuff we think will make us happy just doesn’t. Having more money, a better job, more nice stuff and so on doesn’t lead to increased happiness (we just get used to having stuff in our lives, feel dissatisfied and then want even more of them).

There are deliberate things you can do that science suggests will help you to feel happier. Implementing gratitude and kindness practices will definitely help you to be happier. Gratitude has been positively correlated with several aspects of well-being and mental health including life satisfaction, happiness, optimism and positivity. Gratitude also significantly predicts less depression and anxiety symptoms.

Kindness also extends to being nice to yourself. It’s important that you eat healthily, sleep well, exercise and so on. And self-compassion (being nice to yourself) can help to boost your mental health and can counter anxiety and depression tendencies.

The regrets of the dying themselves here show that if you stay stuck in old patterns and habits within your comfort zone and paralysed by fear and anxiety of failure or other people’s opinions, then you may well look back with regret. If anxiety, worry, far, a lack of confidence or low self-esteem are getting in the way then take action to overcome these obstacles (check out my other hypnosis downloads). And you also want to reconnect and take action on your passions and goals.


Live A Fulfilling Life Free of Regret

None of us want to reach our death bed and look back on our lives with regret. You want to have the courage to live a life true to yourself and to be able to express your feelings. You want to have a balanced life between work and other aspects of life, to stay in touch with friends and to allow yourself to be happier.

These are all things you can work on and do things about in the decisions and choices you make, in your thinking and how you look after yourself, in taking action on your goals and in doing the other things that will bring more happiness into your life. And naturally you appreciate that to live a fulfilling life, and one free of regret, takes time, energy and commitment to achieve in what you do and how you do it in your life.

By listening to this Fulfilling Life Hypnosis Download Audio you will:

  •  Move forward in your life with true purpose and meaning
  •  Feel happier and more fulfilled from now and into the future
  •  Break free of limiting patterns and live your best life 
  •  Develop the courage, confidence and desire to be true to yourself
  •  Take action to live a fulfilling life and one free of regrets

You can get your copy of Fulfilling Life Hypnosis today and enjoy instant access to this awesome hypnosis download.

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